Our future: Custom, sustainable, female-focused soccer jerseys

Columbus Eagles FC goalkeeper and away jerseys, designed locally by Foxli

Foxli’s founders – hi! we’re Larissa and Grant! – have played and worked in soccer for a long time. We also love soccer jerseys, and the designs that clubs come up with. But, when we looked around at the industry, we found a big issue:

The jerseys that your kids wear aren’t right.

For your boys, they’re too long and baggy, and for the girls…well, there isn’t a company around that makes a true girl’s cut jersey, so they’re stuck with what the boys are wearing for yet another season. Oh, and the kids are growing, which means you have years of barely worn soccer stuff wasting away in a box somewhere. 

None of this feels good. There must be a better way.

Enter Foxli. In the future, our plan is to be a custom shop for uniquely designed soccer jerseys that solves all these problems. Need a better fit for your girls? That’s the foundation of our company (our co-founder and lead designer is a former top-level player). Want your boys to play in custom-designed stylish kits that breathe in hot weather? Check. Concerned that all those one- or two-season wears don’t vibe with your sense of environmental responsibility? Yes. Yes yes yes. We feel this, and in the future we’ll be able to help.

Jerseys: Our future plans

First, we’ll aim to make our soccer jerseys with recycled fabric, and we hope our production will be in the U.S. Then, each season, you’ll work with our design team to create the look and feel that will take your club’s image to the next level. Start your redesign with us today and be ready for next season, while we get our production sorted.

The girls who play for you will finally get the jerseys they deserve, ones that really fit. No more one-size-fits-all. Your players will feel good in Foxli kits, and you’ll feel good about the choice you made to switch. 

This is a big step in the evolution of your soccer club, and we’ll all feel good about it. Foxli can help you design for your future, so keep an eye on our platforms for updates on when we’re ready to offer custom, sustainable, female-focused soccer jerseys for your team.

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