Our mission & how we’ll design for the future of your business

Foxli, a design agency to help you design your future

Hello! Welcome to Foxli, a company that wants to help your soccer club, organization, team, or group design for a better future.

We are Larissa Najjar and Grant Burkhardt, two friends and business partners who share a love for soccer, great design, sustainability practices, and good coffee. While working for (and in Larissa’s case, playing for) our local women’s soccer club – the Columbus Eagles, in central Ohio, we met and Foxli is what came out of our working partnership. We helped rebrand the club and change the fortunes – financial and otherwise – of that club, and now we want to do it for other organizations.

But that’s just where we’re starting. We have big plans for the future. We’ll get to that.

Who we are

First, the name – Foxli. Pronounced fox-lee. Our website and social media say “Foxli Fits,” because we plan on making good fits in the future. (Keep reading for more on that)

At the moment, we are a design agency with a lot to offer your club as you grow and attract new fans, supporters, and patrons. We love soccer and most of our outreach is to the soccer community, but we’ve worked with other organizations in the future and we know that good design can benefit any organization. For the rest of this post at least, we’ll refer to clubs as our target audience, because again, we love soccer and that’s what we know.

What we offer

Logo & crest design:

For clubs who want to take their image (and their bottom line) to the next level, we offer a chance to do just that. A new logo – and all the bells and whistles that come with it – can be a game-changer for your club. It can lead to fresher merchandise, better social media, an enhanced matchday experience, and ultimately more dollars to help you grow your club.

Website design:

After the logo can come a website redesign and rework, which we can also help with! We can go in and make your website more user friendly, so that buying merch, tickets, and memberships is as simple as possible and so they know the main pieces of information you want them to know. For example, a smooth website should say: “Here’s when we play! Make sure you come see us, and here’s how to buy a ticket for you and your whole family.” Without that simple user experience, you’re leaving dollars and potential supporters on the table. We can help make sure your digital presence is buttoned up.

Jersey design:

Our bread and butter. We love designing custom kits for soccer clubs. We’re great at it, and we take great care to make jersey designs that benefit your club, your players, and your supporters. It may sound simple, but if your players get to wear a custom, cool, fashion-forward design on their shoulders when they walk onto the pitch, it boosts team morale. And! That’s not to mention the boost it gives your supporters to see you putting your best foot forward – they’ll wear the kits with pride, becoming walking billboards for you at restaurants, movie theaters, bars, and events in your city.

And we can work as the liason between you and your kit provider (Nike, Adidas, Puma, Errea, etc.) to make sure the design we provide is exactly what shows up on the final product.

Social media design:

We’re award-winning social media producers, and we understand the power of social platforms to massively grow your club’s supporter base. If you have a presence on social media, you have a foundation to build upon, and we can help you build a voice and look great on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms. We’ll design graphics for you to use, and we’ll write words for you to copy-and-paste into the post to go along with the imagery. In our work previously, we’ve seen impressions, reach, and sales skyrocket (we’re talking 5,000% boosts), just in the work we do. It’s a slam dunk for your business, and you can’t go without it if you’re serious about growing your club.

The design process

When you choose to rebrand with us, we’ll walk you through the whole process and you’ll be with us every step of the way. That way, we make sure you get the design that you love; the one you’ll be proud to display on your shirts and at your matches. We’ll give you a few options to start with, and we can tweak and change them as we go, so that by the end of the process, you’re buzzin’ about the future design of your club.

That goes for everything we provide. We’re a communicative duo, always coming to you with new designs and ideas to make sure your club is moving in the right direction.

The future

Ok, so we held off talking about this for long enough – Foxli’s future is in custom, sustainable, female-focused soccer kits. For too long, girls have gotten the hand-me-downs from the boys teams, forced to play in fabrics that don’t fit. We think it’s time for that to change.

Our business’s mission is to make kits that fit. We’ll make sure our designs and our jerseys fit your girls teams, while still providing the boys teams with exactly the fit they need to feel comfortable in their threads. We care about sustainability practices and recycled materials, so our goal will be to make all of our kits – and all of our packaging, and everything we do – as eco-friendly as possible. The coronavirus/COVID pandemic halted our plans for the time being, but it’s still our mission to do exactly that.

The rest

So, that’s where we are now and what we’re working toward in the future. We want to help women’s clubs across the U.S. and internationally grow and become the best versions of themselves, and we hope we can help grow the women’s game in our own way.

The game is growing around the world, and we want to work with your club to make sure everyone knows you mean business, that you care as much as your players do, and that you’re willing to take the next step to improve your image and grow your club.

We hope you’ll choose us for your rebranding project, so if you’d like to get in touch to talk about designing for your future, fill out the form on this page here.

We’re excited for you to get started!

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